Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Places I'd Rather Be...

This evening I had been planning for a few weeks now that I would be going to Philly to see one of my favorite music artists:Danielle Ate the Sandwich. Well here I am sitting at home- not on my way to Philly. (totally bummed). I would be except I had no money for gas- I hate how money lack of money can ruin a lot of things. So in honor of the concert I so desperately wish i was at.... here is a post with some of her beautiful music- and although I am sure live is even better, for everyone who can't make it to the show, happy listening! 
 (PS. I'd be "that guy" at the concert who knows all the words to every song including made up harmonies)

 5 Reasons why I like Danielle Ate the Sandwich:

1. This is obvious but her musical talent- stunning voice great ukulele player- and beautiful harmonies! 
Listen to this song- It's just great. I always sing along with this one.

2. She writes about meaningful and powerful things

The first two chords of this next song are striking. It's really powerful- the first time I heard it I just felt like 'wow'. It's one of those songs that afterwards you should be quiet for a few seconds. 

3. Her lyrics are ingenious. 

This next video is an Ad for her current tour- but I am mostly attaching it because I LOVE this song. 
"I wrote a letter to an empty shelf, 
I asked it for the room to put all these broken records to rest
Things were different back then so sing a different tune"

4. She's sort of awkward and hysterical- but I can totally relate. 
Watch video below- you'll know what I mean

5. Her music videos are stunning and very creative.
This next song is from her album 2 Bedroom Apartment :)

Hope you enjoyed all the music- check her out more on youtube or facebook. If you love her music let me know! I remember the first time I heard her music- It was love at first sound. :)

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