Thursday, October 4, 2012

What's in a name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."- This famous Shakespearean quote has stood the test of time, and quite frankly raises a good question. How much does a name really mean. I am not sure why but very randomly I just started noticing peoples' names, and nicknames. Think about it- a kid in school's name is George but everyone calls him Frankie- Why?! But it's not ridiculous- situations like that really exist. In middle and high school usually kids try on different nicknames, or some kids have them from birth: Named William but always called Billy. It's just really strange the whole naming thing, and what people refer to themselves as. Sometimes I hear other peoples' names and I just think they sound way more interesting than mine does. Like a blog about "the Life of Lulu", or "Everyday Elsie".

From when I was a little girl I always was called Danielle. When my parents chose my name my dad made sure it was know that he liked the whole name and not a shortened down nickname. I didn't really have an issue with that at all, and I think it's the reason why I never got a nickname from birth. But in middle and high school I started to get some nicknames: Nelly, Nell, Elle, Yellie, Danielley, DL, and Bonnie. I never minded any of them at the time. However I absolutely HATE it when people call me
Dani : I can't stand it, and I know my dad didn't like it- so please refrain.

Now that four years of college have passed I don't think I have heard anyone at Mansfield ever call me anything other than Danielle.  Some of my high school friends, and especially my sister will call me a nickname on occasion, but it seems so strange to know that as I begin a new chapter of my life i could totally decide to be known as something different. I could introduce myself to people as Elle, or Nelly, etc. But then really thinking about it- it just seems strange not to tell them my full name, like I'm lying. (Please know that I do really like my full name, I just randomly figured I would write all these thoughts down.)

I suppose though, What is in a name? It doesn't really matter what people call you, the important stuff is on the inside :)


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