Monday, September 10, 2012

4 Simple Goals (Before 2013)

Sometimes it seems like the only time to set new goals is at the beginning of a new year, or new time in your life, but why not decide smack dab in the middle of life to set a few goals. I was inspired by the blog, A Beautiful Mess to think of some easy to accomplish goals for the end of the year. The original idea behind this project is to pick things easy to do, but not terribly essential that you accomplish them, and also things that will bring joy to your life. For example instead of saying lose 10 pounds, say eat a little healthier everyday focus less on result and more on the activity itself.

1. Take time out of each week to take some photos
2. Make all handmade or personalized Christmas gifts
3. Try out a new recipe every 2 weeks
4. Learn to cover at least one song on my Ukulele

1. Photography is something I have always had an interest in. It's a love that I inherited from my Dad and I don't think will ever leave me. Over the past four years of college I haven't spent a lot of time cultivating my photography skills, although I have taken a lot of photos! While I am living out in middle of no where PA, I'd like to spend some of this quiet time improving my photography skills as well as capturing the natural beauty of my favorite season- Fall! Check out my most recent photos of the area.

2. I love giving gifts, but even more than that I love making gifts to give to people. This summer I made some really personalized crafty presents for a few people and discovered how much I liked it! It felt way better than giving a gift card or something random from the store. I also will undoubtedly be tight on money this Christmas so by committing to a crafting Christmas I can save myself money(hopefully) and show the people I am giving to how much they mean to me!

3. This semester I am far away from dining halls and mom's cooking. I can't afford to skimp by on going out to eat or making food over at a friend's house so from here on out it's all me.. (and Derek my roommate). I have already noticed how lazy I have been when I get home from a full day of teaching but I don't want routine to get the best of my taste buds so once every 2 weeks I want to try a recipe I have never cooked before, slowly but surely expanding my repertoire of mad cooking skills.

4. I bought my Ukulele not this past summer but the one before, since then I haven't learned a whole lot on it. I want to be able to play this instrument proficiently by the end of the year, but with school going on don't know realistically how much time I can afford to commit to, so learning to cover at least one song is my extremely unlofty but totally managable goal.

I am going to continue to blog and update about these 4 goals! If you are reading this and want to make your own four goals let me know and we can cheer each other on! Make sure you take a look at the original 4 simple goals post. It has more ideas on how to form your own goals that were really helpful!

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