Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thrifty Tips from Second Hand Solace {A Guest Post}

Hello everyone- today I'd like to introduce to you Brittany of Second Hand Solace. I am really excited to have her share with you some amazing thrifty tips. Definitely stop by her blog she has so many wonderful posts (Not only on thrifting but a ton of other great things too- including primal recipes!) Enjoy the post!

Hello i like boring things readers!  My name is Brittany and I blog over at Second Hand Solace.  I originally started SHS in May 2012 as a means of sharing my journey as I only buy second hand {thrifted} clothing.   Since then, Second Hand Solace has expanded to include posts on music, primal/paleo lifestyles, fashion and college life.   I'm super excited to be guest posting today on Danielle's blog today! I thought I'd go back to SHS's roots and share some thrifty tips and tricks.

More often than not, after telling somebody that I thrifted the outfit I'm wearing, I get this response: "I never find anything good when I go thrifting".  Not every thrifting trip will be a success, but I thought I'd share some of my favorite tips to hopefully help make your next trip a good one.


A thrift store is a direct reflection of the area in which it is located.

I think that the location of the thrift store is often overlooked by thrifters, yet it plays an important role in your success.  For example, the area where I go to school is very rural.  The closest malls are 30 minutes or more away and even those are very limited.  Back home, I live in a suburban area where there are an abundance of shopping malls, including one of the biggest on the East Coast. I am also in close proximity to a major city where I'll also do some thrifting.  The difference between the thrift stores in each of these areas is very noticeable.  Many thrift stores in the suburban areas focus on buying gently used, brand name clothing.  The thrift stores where I go to school accept older donated clothing.   

The Indian dress pictured to the right is originally from  Anthropologie but I found it at a thrift store back home at a greatly reduced price.  If you are into brand names, pick a store and location that best reflect the brand you are searching for. If there's no Urban Outfitters within 50 miles of you, don't walk into your local thrift store and expect to find all UO brands.  Don't be afraid to travel more than you normally would if you're on the hunt for a specific item or brand.



One of my favorite thrifty finds is this vintage polka dot and red dress pictured left.  It accentuates my figure and the color is really fun.  But...I almost didn't even try it on because I hated how it looked on the hanger.  You never know how an outfit or article of clothing will look on your body.  Don't be afraid to take risks and try something on that wouldn't normally appeal to you, it may even end up being the favorite dress you own.  

I also try to overlook size when picking out clothing to try on at thrift stores.  Unless I can visually tell something is going to be way to small, I try it on.  There is no universal way of sizing, especially when it comes to vintage clothing, which may have been sized completely different than today.


Find out the schedule that your favorite thrift store follows.

Most thrift stores follow specific schedules of when they put out new clothing.  Make it a point to visit the thrift store on the day of the week new clothing is put out.  You'll get first pick of what is placed out.  Some thrift stores are very open about their schedule and will share the day when asked.  Also, stay up to date on promotions.  Some shops tag all their clothing with colors that coordinate to the days of the week and will then offer 50% the price on the specific day.  Others have special days when you can stuff a shopping bag for $5.00.  Whatever the promotion might be, do your best to take advantage of it to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck.  


Get Inspired!

Sometimes, especially if you are limited on time, it is important to know exactly what you're looking for when you're thrifting.  Magazines, movies, tv, newspapers, etc. can all be useful tools for finding outfits you'd like to re-create.  Personally, I think Pinterest is a great tool for organizing outfits that inspire you.  I found these fall layer pins which totally inspired me to go out and thrift something similar.  If you have a friend who's dress often inspires you, ask them to accompany you and help pick out clothing on your thrifting adventure. 


It's all about what looks good on YOU and makes YOU feel good.

I know we all want to follow the latest trends and look like we're straight off the runway, but to be completely honest, every trend is not for every body.  As much as I'd love to be able to pull off a peplum skirt, I just can't. And that's ok.  Thrift clothes that look good on you and most importantly, make you feel good about yourself.  After all, confidence never goes out of style ;) 

Thank you for reading this little guest post today!  And a special thanks to Danielle for having me!  If you'd like to stop by Second Hand Solace, just click here, I'd love to have you drop by.

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