Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Wear-Drobe: Meine skirt ist Grün!

Today- was all about Song Literature, and studying for my midterm exam... hence the dorky title reference: (5 pts to the person who can name the correct title and composer!) What I have above means... my skirt is green... and today it is!

This morning I woke up and the sun was shining, but not a deceptive sort of shine, one that actually brought warmth to Northern PA! It was 60 degrees here, which meant I absolutely had to dress for spring today! I decided once again to challenge myself to wear things I hadn't yet this semester. I tried a few things on but nothing looked right. Then I saw this green skirt-I bought it awhile ago for a dollar or two at a thrift store, but I never had wore it. I think it's because at that time I was a little skinnier and the skirt fit more on my hips and less on my waist- (I am more comfortable with high waisted skirts!). Well a few pounds later this skirt sat up a little higher on my waist and I was feeling better about trying it out! I felt that not only was the bright green color perfect for the sunny day, but the flowing cut of the skirt really made it feel like spring. I wasn't really sure what to pair with it, but I came across this floral scarf my brother got me as a present awhile ago and it just so happened to have the same green color as the skirt. I then picked out a plain black shirt to pair with the busy patterned scarf and bright colored skirt- didn't want to overload anyone! I paired it all with a bright coral bag, and black kitten heels (which I hear are "in" this spring)!

The nice thing about this outfit is I used 3 things that I don't normally wear altogether to make a nice outfit I felt comfortable in... The skirt used to be a little big, but now fits loosely at  right below my waist, which was an excellent pair for the black shirt, which is a little too tight for me to want to wear it with just jeans. And the scarf really just tied it all together.

Tip: if you have an shirt that's a little tight, try pairing it with a flowing skirt, or tucked into high waisted pants. If you have an article of clothing that's a little big, look for something fitted to contrast it with- it will make you feel "less fat".

Don't know what I mean when I say Wear-Drobe??? Don't worry you can read the first post!

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