Friday, March 9, 2012

Broomstick Magic!

So tonight something amazing has occurred! We have discovered the ability to make a broom stand up straight on it's bristles. I was told that something to do with the planets or gravitational pull was the cause- but before you freak out about how rare and amazing this stunt is.... you should know that apparently at anytime brooms can be made to stand up balanced! Most brooms can work for this, and if you balance it just right it will stand straight up! (It's slightly less exciting when you know you can do this any day... however it's still really exciting and cool looking when you do it the first time!.. and not a bad party trick ;)

Haha, I might be a little gullible when it comes to stuff like this- but either way it's pretty freakin cool! 
We even got a second broom standing!!

We got pretty excited/amazed so we decided to balance it on other things too! So funny... haha it's late. 

You know you want to try this at home, so do! And why not tell a few people the planetary alignment joke, or save it for a Halloween trick! Have fun, and go grab those brooms! 

PS. this post is very true to the name of my blog: I Like Boring Things :)

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