Monday, March 12, 2012

The Sound of Music! Last Chance to watch!

 Hello Readers! This is my spring break week- and I couldn't be enjoying the break more! It came at a perfect time for me! Between practicing music or cleaning I have been trying to relax a bit! I don't think one day has gone by though that I haven't missed the Sound of Music, or my kids. I ran into Gretl's Mom today and she told me she was uploading the show to Youtube for everyone's viewing pleasure. So if you couldn't make the show- or want to re-watch your favorite part check out these links!
(she cut out a few things for practicality for uploading to Youtube)

The Sound of Music
Act 1
 Nun's Morning Hymn, The Sound of Music
Maria, and My Favorite Things
Maria Comes to the Von Trapp House
16 Going on 17
Lonely Goatherd
Goatherd Crossover
 How Can Love Survive
Fight Scene, The Sound of Music
 Getting Ready for Party, Party Scene
So Long Farewell
Climb Ev'ry Mountain

Act 2
Maria Returns (Favorite Things Reprise)
 No Way to Stop It
Something Good
Act 2, Scene 1C
Return From the Honeymoon
Act 2, Scene 4B
Festival Concert
Climb Ev'ry Mountain (reprise)


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