Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some things are meant to be

I feel ridiculously lucky to have been blessed with so many wonderful friends throughout my lifetime. I move around a lot and each time I worry about making new friends and finding a niche in my new environment. I am happy to report that thus far each place I have lived I have made friends and apart of me now calls that place home.

I wanted to write today about a very near and dear friend of mine, Sarah. 
My freshman year of college I think she was my first good friend that I made. Fall semester of freshman year we used to hang out constantly and have movie nights with our other friends. We spent most of our time acting like ridiculous freshman- or having theory study parties!

 In the Spring semester of Freshman year we joined SAI and went through our process together! We did both musicals together which was excellent. In into the woods we even got to be sisters! Well step-sisters.... Thinking back it's almost like the directors knew that Sydney, Sarah and I would be best friends! This semester Sarah also came down to Charleston with me for spring break!  

Sophomore year was good to us, we built up a wonderful group of friends around us, and had countless fun being in another musical together, spending a second spring break together (in NYC), and becoming even better friends then before! 

 Junior year brought new changes and challenges in our friendship- we moved in together with two of our other good friends, Daniela and Sydney- and this really put stress on our friendships (over silly house things)...Glad to say that once our friendship survived Junior Year we basically knew we could make it through anything! 

This past summer I had the privilege of going to Europe with her(and the rest of my choir). 
We had such excellent times- especially celebrating her birthday in Ireland! 

Senior year, has been a dream. The fall semester I got to really enjoy Sarah and my other friends. We got to do the opera together, remain in many organizations together- and spend a lot of time bonding and hanging out in the evenings- and even the first portion of this semester. (I have been so lucky). 

Now she leaves for Arizona to complete her student teaching. There isn't really any way to express exactly how much I am going to miss having her around. I cannot begin to explain the fun we have had- the cry sessions- the inappropriate public discussions at our favorite coffee shop, Night & Day- and so many more special times. 

Although I am amazingly sad to not have her around, I probably am more excited than she is about her trip to AZ. It has been a dream of mine to drive cross country and I am so excited she gets to do it! I know this experience will teach her about herself, teach her about the world, and just be simply amazing overall. She is eventually going to start a blog about her life in AZ, and I will link it back to my blog for anyone interested :) 

Good luck to my best friend. The world is not ready for all the amazing talents and skills you have to offer it. I know that you will aspire to greatness and rise to the challenge of living on your own in AZ. 
I know Arizona is a long ways away- but no amount of distance is going to break down this friendship--- some things are meant to be- I am pretty sure we were destined for each other! 
Sorry you are stuck with me :)

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