Monday, March 19, 2012

Smash Away!

For Christmas I received a lovely gift from my friend Ryan! He bought me a smash journal- which I may have hinted at wanting.... Well I have it now, and I have finally had time to buy some accessories for the book and time to make some pages. Here is a video below to show you what smash journals are for!

I wasn't sure what my first pages would be on but I found myself with a lot of leftover things from the sound of music that I wasn't sure where to put it... I had tickets, programs, newspaper articles, notes, and some pictures. I didn't want to shove them in a drawer but I have no where in my room to display them... so I decided to smash them!
*Sorry the pictures aren't the best quality ever- they are from my phone... my camera is dead! 

Smashing gives me such great joy and the best part is there are no rules to how you do it. Nothing is right or wrong, you just smash whatever you want in there! I love it, and I can't wait to post more as I go through my journal! :) If you are thinking about getting one and have questions about the product or where to buy it just ask!

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