Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the Question...

Sometimes people approach me and ask me about starting a blog. I will heartily give my own advice to reasons why you should, and anything else, but among the blogger community- I am still such a youngin'. I have had my blog for almost 2 years but I used to go long periods of time being really inactive. (I am getting so much better at not doing that) but I still feel like I am playing around and defining myself as a blogger. I think if I known all the things I know now the way I started my blog would have been drastically different. I also feel like there is a change possibly coming for me. I would like to take my blog to the "next level" so I have a lot of planning and redefining to do, which might even include a new blog address eventually. My goal as a blogger is to reach out to others and establish a solid base of readers, and connect with other bloggers, and of course to write and post about the things I love!

That all being said- Here are some posts that are good to read for new bloggers or young ones.

If you have a blog already and want more feedback from readers- why not try posting a survey? (I am going to do this soon) Here is a 1 year post with a survey for a good example!:  Keeping Everyone Happy...

Now for those of you who are new to the blogging world- and are thinking about starting a blog- or just began one... read this article, it has AMAZING advice!  Start your Blog with a Bang!
However keep in mind that if you are starting a more personal blog- it's ok to take a different approach. Like I said I kinda just randomly started one day- and mine has worked out so far... but definitely take her advice if you want your blog to be popular, have sponsors, and become almost like a business.

Either way- Blogging is a great hobby or job. It can play as big or as small of a role in your life as you wish. It can be an excellent way to cultivate your writing abilities, your photography skills, or any type of skill you want to post about. It's a great idea for teachers as well- posting about your teaching experiences will almost act as a reflective journal- which we all know is helpful for self-evaluation.

Happy Blogging-
Any questions? Just Ask!

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