Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My 17 Reasons

It seems like every spring I start to feel this incredible desire to diet and lose weight. I think mostly it comes from gaining weight throughout the school year and especially putting on some holiday pounds. Before I start a diet or exercise program I like to question my reasoning and come up with a plan. Anyone who has ever dieted knows that if you don't have inspiration and great motivation it's so easy to fizzle out after a few weeks or even a few days. The urge to cheat at your plan becomes irresistible and one cheat leads to another and eventually it leads to quitting the entire thing. One important thing to realize about diets is they are a life style and if anything I am living proof of that. Last summer I successfully dieted and lost a lot of weight. During the school year I stopped dieting and even thinking about my health choices and I have gained back all the weight I lost- plus a few bonus pounds. I won't lie getting on the scale today was amazingly scary and it has been really rough lately coming to terms with the weight I have gained and finding the motivation to not eat a donut to console my depression. But I have been thinking a lot about starting to diet and whether or not I can be in it for the long haul (for the lifestyle). The answer is yes: I want to feel good about myself and confident with my body. I want to feel healthy and in shape. I am a 21 year old woman: I should be healthy-no excuse!! So here are my reasons and inspiration that I can look back at during my diet to keep me going!

 Reason 1: Because I deserve to have more self confidence,
 and feel great about myself and the way I look.
 Reason 2: Because wedding season is rapidly approaching
 and I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into!
 Reason 3: So I feel better about being on stage and performing!
 Reason 4: So I can have fun at the beach
 and not feel strange in a swimsuit!
 Reason 5: To fit into skinny jeans- and feel skinny in them!
 Reason 6: To be able to wear a short skirt or shorts
 and not feel like I am scaring small children!
 Reason 7: To send the message I want to send with my image
 Reason 8: To fit into some of my old clothes!
Reason 9: To get in better physical shape
Reason 10: To shape my curves into smaller proportions-
 but love them more than ever!
 Reason 11: To lose weight in my face- so my eyes and smile look bigger!
 Reason 12: To have more overall energy!
 Reason 13: Because I did it once and can do it again!
 Reason 14: To fit back into the red shorts!
 Reason 15: To reach a healthy BMI
Reason 16: To feel like I have control over my body image
Reason 17: To feel more similar in size to my friends

I am dieting and exercising- and attempting to lose weight to regain control over my body image, feel more secure in my own skin, and to be more healthy. I want to live from this point on always making an honest effort to be healthy and stay at a reasonable weight! 

Stay tuned to follow along for this fabulous diet journey...
Things to come: 
Weight and Measurement updates, Dieting Goals, Diet and Exercise Plan, Recipes and so much more! Hopefully even some progress pictures along the way! 

Last summer I had so much success with losing weight- I am determined to achieve that same success and more! 

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  1. You go girl. I am proud of you.I know you can do it. I'll help :)