Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trashy Jams: The Legacy Continues

Trashy Jams is an annual tradition that my sister and I began way back in 2009. It all started with the idea to compose a CD full of radio hits from the whole year- and as we compiled the first playlist the magical name "Trashy Jams" was born. Every year since then we have made another CD: complete with a subtitle, album artwork, and playlist chock full of trashy gems carefully arranged in an order for amazing listening. 

For a full history (and the complete playlists from each year) take a look at last year's post: Trashy Jams: A History. This year I have the privilege to announce this year's title and playlist. May I present- Trashy Jams 2012: Shotgun Wedding.

1. Starships- Nicki Minaj
2. Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen
3. Brokenhearted - Karmin
4. What Makes You Beautiful- One Direction
5. Die young- Ke$ha
6. I Knew You Were Trouble- Taylor Swift
7. Wide Awake- Katy Perry
8. Pay Phone- Maroon 5
9. Give Your Heart A Break- Demi Lovato
10. As Long As You Love Me- Justin Bieber
11. Some Nights- Fun
12. Stronger- Kelly Clarkson
13. We Are Never Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift
14. Wild Ones- Flo Rida
15. Somebody That You Used to Know- Gotye & Kimbra
16. One More Night- Maroon 5
17. Sky Fall- Adele
18. Gangnam Style- PSY
19. We Are Young- Fun
20. Glad You Came- the wanted

Want to listen to this mix? Check out my spotify version of the list! 
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