Friday, December 21, 2012

Bridal Shower in a Box

If you haven't read the story behind this box click here! This post will give you all the details behind how I planned and executed a long-distance-bridal-shower!

Here is how I created the box:
First I chose a theme. I settled on "Snow and Winter" since she was all the way down in Texas missing out on a pretty northern winter (although we haven't much snow up here yet!) Then I gathered inspiration and ideas. Mostly I was inspired by shopping but once I got the idea I made a secret pinterest board for some inspiration. I unlocked it and you can look at it here: A Box of Winter

Next I went shopping and started crafting and assembling the box...
here is what was inside:

A Banner!
 How to: 
Take Gold Tissue paper fold it in half and cut strips.
Sew a ribbon in the folded part leaving room for ties on either side. 
Take pretty papers and write your message!
Sew a pretty accent ribbon to join the pieces of paper to make a banner.
Use clothes pins to hang both banners together.

Snow Garland! 
How to:
Take paper, Styrofoam balls, cotton balls, yarn, a big needle, and ribbon.
Begin stringing the yarn through paper snowflakes, cotton, and Styrofoam balls.
Add a ribbon at the top in order to tie it to something.
Add a small cardboard snowflake at the bottom to weigh it down. 
This can be hung from floor to ceiling or draped like traditional garland.

A Bride-to-Be Sash
 I looked high and low for a not totally overpriced, tacky, or trashy bridal sash and could not find one. So I ended up making one!
How to: 
Supplies: Pretty fabric, Puffy Paint, Thread
Cut out long even rectangles of fabric (long enough to go from shoulder to hip)
Iron them in half.
Iron down one of the corners on each to create the tail of the sash
Sew together neatly using machine.
Add the desired saying on the sash and let dry! 
(for more detailed instructions contact me)

Food and Favors:
Hot Chocolate! 
 For this I took hot cocoa packets and emptied them into small jars. 
I added chocolate chips and marshmallows to the mix to add some extra fun. 
Garnished with a ribbon and peppermint stick! 
(Bottom Right Photo) shows the left over hot cocoa packets- 
wrapped up all pretty with the instructions carefully cut out and placed inside. 

Other Food and Small Gifts
Some other fun gifts we added (pictured above) include:
Dark Chocolate Peppermint covered pretzels
Hot Chocolate Cupcake Mix
Fake Snow in a can
Pine smelling candle. 

Cupcake Liners
I added a box of winter cupcake liners to go along with the mix! 

Little boxes for the bride and groom.
 Each box included: 
A small bag of chocolate
Candy Canes
A white lovebird ornament
A Stamp
Fake snow and tulle

Packing the Box:
This was where a lot of the snow came in. 
Top Left: Everything wrapped up and ready to go in the box. 
Top Right: First Layer
Middle Right: Second Layer
Bottom Left: Final Layer- Rocking tons of fake snow
Bottom Middle: Bridal sash and note to explain what is in the box.
Bottom Right: An envelope on the outside of the box to tell her she is not allowed to open the box yet and should call me for further instruction. 

Even though this was a bridal shower box- it was heavily focused on snow and winter- I hope this brings you some inspiration for the holidays! 

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