Thursday, November 1, 2012

How *Smashing

Hello everyone! Hope your day has been smashing so far. Mine has been great. I spent the day teaching and had a lot of success in general music and in choir. I even taught a piece on the fly to our last period choir! I am becoming more confident in my musical abilities by the day! But enough about music- this post is about smashing!

Awhile ago I bought a smash journal, and did a post about it here. That post talks more about what smash journaling is, and shows an up close look at my Sound of Music page (Left column-4th one down). Essentially smashing is a type of journaling that mixes with scrapbooking and other random junk. I've used it mostly to save important things to me in a creative way. Here's what you are looking at to the Left!

Left Column (starting at top):
1. My *Smash Journal
2. Shiprock and Anchordog Page 
3. Travel Page
4. Sound of Music Page
5. Notes Sarah D. left me when she went to AZ. 

Right Column (starting at top):
1. Dream Kitchen/Food Page
2. Quote and Inspiration Page
3. Ken's Promotional Ceremony Page
4. Ticket Stubs etc. Page
5. Sarah's Travel Pages Continued

Below I have a closer look at a few pages that have some interesting features. P.S. If the picture to the left is too hard to see right click and open it in a new tab for a look at the full size image!

 What you are seeing above is my Kitchen/ Food Page. Notice the 2 pockets and the 2 flip tabs. 
The second picture reveals the whole kitchen and shows what pictures were hiding in the pocket!
The third picture shows the large flap which opens up to display some places I have enjoyed visiting for good food and drink, and above it you can see the other pocket containing receipts and a napkin each saved with a funny story behind it. 

 These bright colorful pages above are from this past summer when I worked as a counselor/director for the shiprock and anchordog project. The card is positioned so when you open it you can still see the whole card and see a few other drawings from students tied in with yarn. I have such sweet memories of these kids! 

Although simple the pages above are my favorite. My travel pages. On the left hand side you can see my list of countries and states I have visted (still adding). And on the right side I have created this little book all about different travel experiences. Traveling is one of my favorite things and holds a special place in my heart- I'll be adding to these pages forever! 

So that is just a brief view of some of the smashing I have done. I am happy with how it's turned out, and bought a second book to fill once I complete my first. It's addicting! I encourage any of you to start, the materials are not that expensive. In fact, I just bought a kit at Micheal's the other day and it came with a book and a bunch of supplies being sold for $20. I even got it 40% off with a handy dandy coupon! 
These make great presents for creative friends and family too! 
Happy Smashing!

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