Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm Not Zorsing Around

Today I watched a movie called "I'm Reed Fish," I was home alone, it was on Netflix instant view, and had Alexis Bledel in it: Clearly a match made in heaven. I sort of started the movie with very low expectations, but right from the first downbeat of the peppy introduction, I knew I was in store for something good. It was an independent film about a young man named Reed Fish. It centered around one summer, and two women he was torn between in his very small town where he had taken over his father's role as a radio personality. By the end of the movie he kind of figures out who he is. I won't give away any more details because it's worth watching. But essentially it reminded me that as people we should be ourselves! We spend too much time trying to please everyone, or fit into some ideal life. If we just relax, breath, and take some pressure off of ourselves we might just manage to find our true self. Wisest line of the movie (in my opinion): "Nobody needs you to be anything other than yourself." Those are words to live by! 

Check out this movie, it's a good one :) 

Now stop zorsing around and get back to work! 
*watch the movie it makes more sense*

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