Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hello Everyone!

Sorry it's been awhile since I have written- I really have no good excuse except being distracted. I wanted to give everyone an update on my health and my life. Let's talk health first since that seems a bit more pressing.

Health Update:

I have been home from Rehab for about one month now.  For the past month I have been using a new brace but still always have my right leg out straight. Also I have not been allowed to put any weight down on my right leg, or bend past 90 degrees. As you can imagine this made for a month of a lot of sitting- I've watched more tv then I'd ever like to admit (but more on that later). At home I've been able to shower using a shower bench, venture outside of the house some via wheelchair, and get around the house using my walker. Leaving the house is really complicated since we have lots of stairs- but we make it happen when we need to. I've left for doctor's appointments, and some leisure activities too! (movies, church, shopping, dog walks). I appreciate my mom so much for all the help she gives me. There are still many things I cannot do on my own and her and the rest of my family have been helping a lot! Most of the time the responsibility does fall on my mom and I am eternally grateful for how willingly and readily she offers help. She jokes with me that I'll have to remember this when she gets old (I totally will!).

I just saw my new orthopedic surgeon yesterday- so I'll pass along what I found out. Here's what I know: My hip and knee are healing nicely, according to my new doc- the incisions look pretty small all things considered and the X-rays show a successful and nicely done surgery (phew!). My big timeline of healing is looking like 3-4 months for my knee and 6-9 months for my hip (That is what PA doctors told me). I found out from my MA doctor that I am now finally allowed to start bending my knee up to 40 degrees and applying small amounts of weight on my right leg! This is such great news and right on track with what we expected. He said in about 4 more weeks I'll most likely be able to bend my knee further, and be able to bend my hip past 90 degrees, as well as an increase in how much pressure my right leg can hold (depending on my progress in the next month- I might be looking at walking without a walker) -that's probably a little too hopeful, but hey, a girl can dream! In about 2 weeks I will be starting up physical therapy again, but in the mean time I am doing my own exercises at home. I also got the go ahead from my doctor to take off my brace now and then. He explained that at this point it is only acting as reinforcement and safety for if I fell. I am still wearing it almost all of the time but within the next few days I might try taking it off while I'm sitting or sleeping (all doctor approved).

Emotionally this week has been kind of rocky. I did just get all good news from my doctor, but since I am now starting to move my hip and knee more it makes me more acutely aware of my limitations. I don't know if that makes sense. What I mean is prior to trying to bend my knee I was able to imagine that when I finally would bend it that it would be able to bend 90 degrees with no problem. Now that I have bent it I know that it's physically impossible for me to actually bend my knee past 40 degrees(and even up to that 40 is hard). In other words I can no longer live in any state of denial or daydreams. I think once I get through this first week of the changes I'll get used to it, I'll even see improvements and progress and that in turn will inspire more positive feelings! Right now however I am in this emotional rollercoaster of feeling good, feeling scared, feeling frustrated, rinse and repeat. I am praying for God's peace in all of this. One verse I am focusing on is Jeremiah 29:11- "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." This verse gives me a lot of comfort in knowing that God has my life in his hands- and even though I may feel weak or frustrated in the moment, I've got God on my side and he can see the bigger picture even when I can't.

Life Update:

As you can imagine with my leg being pretty much out of commission I don't really get out of the house that much. So I'd say 95% of my time every week is spent inside my house either on the couch, the recliner, or at the kitchen table. In this time I have wasted a lot of it watching tons of television and movies. I try to reassure myself that it's OK to be a little lazy with my time. I wasn't totally lazy with all my time: Since my accident I was inspired to start a small business! I'd go into all the details but it's a long story that I already typed up on another blog! I started an Etsy shop to sell handmade cards. So far I've only sold 2, but I haven't been open very long so I'm not losing hope yet. Check out the story of how I got started and read more about that project here. All of the cards ring up at less than $10 after shipping, I'd love it if some of you would look at my cards and consider buying one. I'm also opening it up to custom orders- since there's no form for it yet you can just email me or leave a comment for more info on that! The business has been an amazing outlet for my creativity and also took up a lot of time getting started. So far it's a fun adventure that I'm enjoying a lot!

Since I mentioned having lots of time- I'd be so happy to catch up with friends and family via text, phone calls, skype, facebook messages, or emails. Please get a hold of me if you want to talk! :)

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